Joe Ward

"Real Estate is a personal service business. Don't hire a company...hire a person!"

Joe Ward is the captain of the Joe Ward Team, using his 25 years of experience to guide the team into one successful year after another. Annual awards and countless accolades reflect the team's top ranking. However, it is the personal service, attention to detail, and desire to help buyers and sellers that make the team truly successful. Performance is the best yard stick to measure success and Joe's results are being measured every day. He has worked hard to develop the right team to do the job for you. 

We are focused on providing you with the best results and service in the industry. We listen carefully to understand your real estate goals and work hard to create solutions that make sense for you. Whether you are new to the market or an experienced investor, we have the expertise, proven track record, and resources to help you achieve your real estate goals. 

The Joe Ward Team is made up of much more than just the efforts of one person. Over the years the faces may  change, but friendships were formed, and the clients has always been put first. 

Our Team does not have titles such as "Buyer's Agent", "Listing Manager", or "Closing Manager". Every member of the team can assist you in any and all aspects of your buy/sell/relocation. Joe has been the Face of the Team from day one, but he has also been thankful for the support of those working with him.