Cary is located west of Raleigh and only a decade or so ago was considered a suburb of Raleigh. Since then, it has grown into a thriving Town of 162,000. Two major reasons for this growth stem from the proximity of Cary to the Research Triangle Park and the Raleigh-Durham International Airport.

Downtown has grown the most in recent years with the addition of a town park, Cary Theater, the Cary Arts Center, and handfuls of local shops moving into the area. A farmer’s market takes place in downtown on weekends, as well as several annual arts and crafts and food truck festivals. Cary offers a number of private and public schools, and being nestled among several universities the population shows that two-thirds of the adults hold college degrees. The weather in Cary is relatively mild, too, ranging from 30-50 degrees in January to 70-90 degrees in July. But you get all the beauty of the changing seasons, including a small amount of snow, the changing leaves and beautiful summer blossoms.

Cary has over 100 miles of Greenway paths and 50 multi-use parks connected across the town. Greenways are linear pieces of lane set aside to preserve open areas located in floodplains, along wooden streams, and create a beautiful place to walk, run, and bike. But more than any demographics, averages, or lists can describe, Cary has that charm and hospitality of a Southern City. You have to experience it to understand and thousands of new residents cannot be wrong.

Cary's Accolades:

  • #2 Healthiest Housing Market in North Carolina (March 2018)
  • #4 Safest City in North Carolina (March 2018)
  • #7 Best Place to Live in the USA (February 2018)
  • 2017 Rising Star (December 2017)

Average Listing Price: $810,881


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Popular Cary Neighborhoods

  • Chandler Cove

    Chandler Cove

    Number of homes for sale: 9

    Average listing price: $1,137,211

  • Cary Heights

    Cary Heights

    Number of homes for sale: 8

    Average listing price: $1,200,250

  • Preston


    Number of homes for sale: 6

    Average listing price: $1,344,167

  • Carpenter Square Townhomes

    Carpenter Square Townhomes

    Number of homes for sale: 5

    Average listing price: $693,476

  • Amberly


    Number of homes for sale: 4

    Average listing price: $899,950

  • Camden TH at Cary Park

    Camden TH at Cary Park

    Number of homes for sale: 4

    Average listing price: $392,975